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Response to “Property consultants point to snags in fair tenancy framework recommendations” Part 2

This is a continuation of Part 1: Response to “Property consultants point to snag in fair tenancy framework recommendations”. I want to allay Ms. Christine Li’s concern that the fair tenancy framework recommendations may not allow landlords to respond swiftly to structural changes such as the rise of e-commerce. The FTFIC’s recommendations are designed precisely […]

Buy-Online, Pick-Up-In-Store Turns Into Sell-Online, Pay-Rent-In-Store.

A landlord went on a mountain retreat to contemplate the meaning of omnichannel. Om Om Om Om. Suddenly, she had an aha! moment: Why don’t I charge tenants turnover rent for those Buy-Online, Pick-Up-In-Store transactions? Brilliant! So I speak. And so it is. Though the story may not be true, there is a growing trend […]